Conquer the clusterf*ck

2020 Year's End Resolution

This year has been hard for us all, but this group will give you at least ONE great memory from 2020.

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What is it?

A Year's End Resolution is the OPPOSITE of a New Year's Resolution.

With the help and support of an awesome group, you will be super-powered up so you're at your best BEFORE the New Year rolls around.

Your Guides:
Paty Ramirez, founder of Self Love Mafia, is a certified health & life coach and yoga teacher. She is all about wellness and loving every piece of you--yes, even in 2020!

Jessica Antonelli is an art instructor and creativity coach who finds joy and healing through making art, and helping others connect to their creativity.

How does it work?

Step one: Define your resolution
Create a clear goal that would make you feel awesome if you achieved it before 2021.

Step two: Weekly Coaching
You will recieve guidance, support and comradery in our live zoom calls from November 14th through December 12th.

Step three: Celebrate
This year, the New Year's fireworks will be celebrating what you have already achieved!
We will celebrate our wins at the end of our 4 weeks together with a Zoom party.

Your 2020 Support Group

To conquer the clusterf*ck, we all need someone's hand to virtually hold to help us get through this year.
Learn how to chill & have fun even in the midst of chaos, and meet the community that's ready to cheer you on when 2021 finally arrives.

Join the Resolution Revolution!

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