The School of Life: The Renaissance

If you don’t already know the School of Life, enjoy! This video inspires us to think of how a little vision can go a looong way…

Notes from this video:

The Renaissance was the artistic style that won my heart from an early age. I have to say it has inspired most out of the all the art that passes through my paintbrush…I was obsessed with the Renaissance and Medici family when I studied abroad, and if you can get your hands on a good Medici history book next time you visit Florence, your trip will be that much the richer.

The Medici vision was for beauty, truth, and wisdom. Can you ask for anything more? I swoon thinking of how it must have been for artists like Michelangelo living in the high Renaissance time in Florence. To me, this video really cracks open how much is possible when you hold to integrity to these values and put art on the forefront. I can get rrreal worked up on the modern school system, and how much we lose when we invest time in ONLY math and science, without valuing the liberal arts viewpoint. A definitive Renaissance Man is good at everything! A merger of arts and sciences leads to the most beautifully engineered cities in the world.

What would you like about living in the Renaissance? Would our cities look any different if we still worked this way? Comment below!

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