The Painted Feast: Still Life Oil Painting Workshop

Still life painting gives us the opportunity to work with a completely unmoving subject and a continuous source of light. In the studio we are able to focus on form, value, texture and edges, and experiment as we work toward developing our own unique style.

In this workshop, we’ll be painting a lovely arrangement of a flowering onion, a sandwich cake, a colorful vegetable tray, and a stunning desert.

By the time we’re done painting we’ll definitely be drooling over the food, so we’ll move our feast from the classroom to the dining area in the courtyard, and talk art with our stellar view of San Fransisco Church in the background.

Do I need to bring my own materials?

Yes, although we provide canvas, panel, or palette paper as you prefer. If you do not have oil painting supplies, they can be provided for an additional $200pesos (10USD) per class.

What food will be served?

We will paint and eat: a “flowering onion,” roasted and served with a basalmic reduction sauce, served with crusty bread.

A sandwich cake, with avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon and creamy dill spread. This Swedish recipe is worth painting!

Dessert will be based on a poll of our students to see if we’ll paint a chocolate or lemon themed dessert. Let us know your preference when you RSVP!

Who is this class for?

Beginner to intermediate oil painters. Basic drawing ability recommended.

Complete beginners will be given instruction on which colors to include in your palette, useful mediums, and painting techniques. Color blending recipes will give you go-to color systems for your future still life painting practice.

We will have brief group critique at the middle and end of our session to help us assess our strengths and weaknesses, and decide what to further evolve in our painting practice.

How Much Does it cost?

$1000pesos per person.
This includes canvas, easel, instruction, food, and beverages. Wine, water, and tea.

Additional materials: use of paint, odor-free solvent, brush cleaner, brushes, palette, rags, etc. available for use for $200pesos per class.

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The Painted Feast 1 Day Workshop

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