Portraits: Drawing a Likeness Workshop

There’s something about drawing the portrait that artists just can’t stay away from. There’s the mystery of getting to know the face as it appears on your page, and the feeling of striking gold when the face you created actually looks like your model.

What you’ll learn:

How do we take our basic understanding of the proportions of the face and adjust them according to the face in front of us?

How can we add depth, shadows, and realistic textures, without losing the accuracy of our drawings?

What techniques and strategies can we use? What did the old masters do to “cheat” realism?


How the heck do you draw hair?

Who is this class for? 

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced drawers and sketchers.

What materials will we work with? 

We will focus on drawing with graphite pencil and charcoals, and pen and ink.

Watercolors and/or colored pencils are also welcome.

How much does it cost?

$500 pesos or $25 USD.

RSVP by paying now with Paypal below, or contact jessica@jessicaantonelli.com to save your spot and pay in cash or check in person.

Portraits Drawing Workshop

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