Master: Samuel Adoquei


Reading Samuel Adoquei’s book, How Successful Artists Study, led me to this inspiring video.

The book is helping me get into the mind frame of a student, which is interesting, coming from the perspective of a teacher. His message so far: have a plan, work hard, and be respectful of your teachers and the art and science of art. I may not be formally studying art anymore, but this guide to beginning an art career has got me back answering the basic and most important questions all over again. Why do I want to study art? How can I serve society through my artwork?

That same chain of questions come through in this video as well. Samuel Adoquei doesn’t play around, “What do you live for? What is your purpose in life? What is the mission that you are on? ”

“Art should inspire, should change lives, should help people. If you start to call yourself an artist,  you always have to remember that this is the mission you have taken on. And if this is the mission you have taken on, how much are you willing to invest you time, your mind, your being, your everything?”



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