How do I sign up?

Think you’re ready to commit to 6 grueling weeks of hand-cramps, a trashbin full of crumpled paper, and the angsty frown of an artist viewing a world whose natural beauty can never quite be captured on a page?

Studio Antonelli is not responsible for the condition known as Artist Angst Face, seen here on Renaissance master Michelangelo Buonarroti

The class roster is now offically open! Please comment below if you would like more information by leaving an email address, facebook alias, or whichever method of contact you prefer.

You may also call Jessica at 409-770-4211.
    The class will meet on location at various drawing hot-spots around Galveston island from July 2nd to August 6th.
For a limited time only, GISD employees are being offered a 2 for $200 discount! Thanks for doing your part Stampin’ out ignorance on the island.
At this time an RSVP is all that is needed, more details will be forthcoming closer to the date of the workshop.

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