Have you been a bad artist?

It’s a familiar story.

You fall out of practice with your drawing…heck, you probably never had a solid drawing habit built up in the first place.

There’s that nagging feeling that your drawings…suck.

Perfectionism turns into procrastination.

The next time you look at the sketchbook, it’s been months since you last drew anything.

THEN comes that little judgmental voice in your head… “You’re a bad artist,” it hisses, meaning both in dedication AND ability.

When I hear that inner criticism, I have to remind myself what that voice really is: I’m Battling Artistic Demons= BAD.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s monumental TED Talk on creativity illustrates beautifully how naming and battling those demons is just as important as thanking the muse–and showing up to work for her!

When I battle my artistic demons, I know I have to toughen up with my own recipe of drawing drills and exercises I call Bad Artist Bootcamp.

The more in Bootcamp, the more accountability, so I’m inviting you to join me for FREE.

 1 week ONLINE challenge, kicking off Monday, September 18th.

You and me, drawing with focus and fearlessness, for 7 days.

All you’ll need is about 15-30 minutes a day to watch the short videos and do your drawings.

You’ll get a power flow of drawing exercises to get your drawings in shape quicker than you thought possible.

But more importantly you’ll be receiving mega-doses of inspiration in you inbox each day to get your new drawing habit jump-started.

Join Bootcamp!


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Bootcamp is always better with a buddy, so share this with a friend!

You have a choice to leave behind your artistic angst and be a better drawer in just 7 days. Or you could hand over the victory to those artistic demons telling you:

“You don’t have time”

“You’re not good enough”

“A week! Not even a year could help me become a better drawer!”

If you’ve read this far, there’s something in you that would really like to learn how to draw. Don’t worry about why for now, just trust yourself and treat yourself with this bootcamp! See you in there.

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