Happy Faces after Portrait Clinic

Common issues discussed at our Portraiture Clinic:

  • Cutting off the back of the head of the drawing
  • Making the eyes appear level
  • ANYTHING when the face is at a tilt or angle
  • How to capture a likeness

Student work at our mid-class break


Our stoic model and his very challenging (to draw) beard


Capturing a likeness of both the model and the other artists in class!


End of class group critique

And what did we learn?

  • The importance of negative space around the eyebrow/eye area
  • Just keep adding more to the back of the head until it looks funny, then scale back
  • Finding the proportions of the face (even with a beard!)
  • Tips for the 3 quarter view face tilt

We all went home with big smiles from putting theory into good practice, and with a pile high of resources to keep drawing from.

The next Portraiture Clinic is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 20th, 2-5pm.
email Jessica@jessicaantonelli.com if you’re interested!

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