Have you been a BAD Artist?

Watch the video below to see what Bootcamp is all about: 

Maybe you can't draw a straight line.

Maybe you used to enjoy drawing, but lately it feels frustrating to make even the first mark.

Maybe you just can't find the time. 

In the end, all these excuses & obstacles are the artistic demons that we ALL have to battle with if we want to get our artistic selves into shape!

This free 7 day mini-course will help BAD artists become badass by:

  • getting your skills in shape with drawing drills and exercises
  • build your mental armor against the 7 Deadly Demons of Drawing
  • Connect you to resources and inspiration to keep your drawings going strong

If you want to see improvement in your sketchbook, sign up now for Bad Artist Bootcamp. We begin tomorrow!

Join for FREE and get in the best drawing shape of your life!

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