Day Two: 10 Paintings in 10 Days

It’s day two, and we’re already facing the conundrum I expected when this challenge began…how will I ever show off my daily paintings when I tend to paint mostly 8-12midnight?

So, here is a little teaser of the painting I will complete this evening, and the process that I’ve gone through in creating this lady in red:

20150822_224933 20150822_230441 palette knife red over grey laying in red portrait in process lady in red

I love seeing how the portrait evolves, from a mess to something with a life of its own.

So what’s next for this lady in red?
I decided I want her red, red, red, but I’m not sure how this will manifest itself on the canvas. I love the simple lines of her blue underpainting, and since the reference photos are so blurred–they’re from 1936 after all–it forces me to keep it simple.

I am taking major inspiration from one of my all-time favorites, illustrator Camila do Rosario. Check out her work below:

Camila do Rosario

Camila do Rosario


I am OBSESSED with the gorgeous simplicity in her portraiture, and how softly she illustrates the texture of hair…in much of her work, it really feels alive. Not to mention the sexy, spicy color palette and the patterns and rhythm in the costumes of her ladies. The black and white figures make the colors in the accessories really pop.

Ok, stay tuned to see how I merge the lady in red with my muse Camila, I’ll have the final portrait up by midnight!

UPDATE 12:05

Well, the internet here is on Mexican time, but here she is!

lady in red


I have to say I am loving the time crunch! I put a 30, 10, or 5 minute timer on and try get one glaze of paint done in that time. It’s necessary considering how easy it is to lose track of time painting!

I think I’m going to turn up the contrast a big and elaborate on the details…I’ll keep you posted 😉


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