Bad Artist Bootcamp

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About this course

This free 7 day mini-course will help BAD artists (Battling Artistic Demons) become badass by arming you with the attitude, skills, and systems to have a healthy, hardcore creative practice. 

In this course you'll be introduced to the 7 deadly demons that will kill your creativity. The focus is on getting your mental game in shape, but we also putting you through you a bevy of drawing drills and exercises to straighten up those wobbly lines and shade and blend like a champion. 1 week of sharpening the tools in our toolkit of the basic elements of art, and firing up your motivation to create.

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Day 1

We begin with the basics! After this lesson you will never be able to say you "can't even draw a straight line" again. 

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Day 2

Train to stay on top of your game by programming drawing habits into your day to beat procrastination. Workout your shape skills.

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Day 3

Learn why your self-doubt is just a waste of time and use Value like a master.  

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