Bad Artist Bootcamp

7 Lessons Easy

About this course

This free 7 day mini-course will help BAD artists (Battling Artistic Demons) become badass by arming you with the attitude and skills to have a healthy, hardcore creative practice. 

In this course you'll be introduced to the 7 deadly demons that will kill your creativity. The focus is on getting your mental game in shape, but we also putting you through you a bevy of drawing drills and exercises to straighten up those wobbly lines and shade and blend like a champion. 1 week of sharpening the tools in our toolkit of the basic elements of art, and firing up your motivation to create.

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Day 1

We begin with the basics! After this lesson you will never be able to say you "can't even draw a straight line" again. 

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Day 2

Train to stay on top of your game by programming drawing habits into your day to beat procrastination. Workout your shape skills.

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Day 3

Learn why your self-doubt is just a waste of time and use Value like a master.  

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Day 4

Distractions are everywhere these days, and if you don't train your brain to overcome them, they'll overcome you. Stay focused to strengthen your skills.

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Day 5

Comparison blinds you to your own strengths and implants self-doubt. It's as silly as wasting time comparing the colors (our artistic element of the day) to decide "the best." 

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Day 6

Inconsistency can strike even those who are the most devoted--especially if you burn yourself out in the beginning of your practice! Pace yourself and plan for inconsistency's attacks in advance in order to win this battle. 

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Day 7

Before you set off alone on the battlefield of creativity, it's important to be aware that the trap of Artist's Bock may capture you if you don't maintain the mindset in this lesson.

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