Day 6

Lesson 6


"The muse takes note of our dedication. Just as Resistance has a seat in hell, so creation has a home in heaven."

-The War of Art

"The hardest part of artmaking is living your life in such a way that your art gets done, over and over...A piece of art is the surface expression of a life lived within productive patterns."

-Art and Fear

Inconsistency is like Procrastinaiton's big, intimidatingly dumb and strong brother.


You think that you just overcame that sneaky demon Procrastination just yesterday, but then he's back!


And if you can't keep him at bay on a daily basis, keeping him pleased with a Mafia's ransom of getting your drawing practice in, the next thing you know his big bro Inconsistency comes by to sucker punch your drawing practice in the face

The problem is, when we first jump in the ring against the built-like-a-boxer demon Inconsistency, we're pumped!

We are still connected to our "Why" and we're so motivated, we set high goals and give them all we've got!

But that high-octane energy can cause burn-out fast. 

Inconsistency is kind of slow, but it's relentless.

Time will march on, and if you're not diligent in daily conquering of Procrastination, Inconsistency can knock you out, and you might not come back for YEARS.

Don't let this happen to you!

How to overcome Inconsistency

Steven Pressfield puts it this way, "The professional prepares mentally to absorb blows & deliver them. The field alters every day."

As I mentioned in Day 2, the book The Power of Habit is a game-changer. 

It's time to ask yourself--have you been following the new habit you set yourself? 

If not, don't let the Demon of Self-Doubt and Perfectionism get you!

This is SOOOO normal. 

 Observe and Adjust.

What's not working for you? What is?

Change your habit loop as you see necessary and try, try again. 


Day 6 Drawing Drill​​​

Materials Needed:


-Pen and/or pencil

-Colored pencils 


1) Click here to go to my Texture Pinterest board

2) Choose 1 image from the collection which feels like it's going to be fun and is about at your level.

3) Set your timer for anywhere between 15-30 minutes and get lost in the fine details that make texture come alive.

4) Experiment! Texture is challenging because we must constantly invest and adjust the way we apply pressure with our tool or play with blending...let go of getting it right the first time.
Focus on the look of the feel of what you are drawing, rather worrying about the draftsmanship of the drawing itself.