Ciao from Italia!

I’m SO thrilled to be coming to you today from gorgeous Florence, Italy.

It’s been a whirlwind in Studio Antonelli. I have been in in a new city every week since the opening of our group show September 12th, The Ladies of the Night. We’re hard at work on a new gallery page to showcase the work from that very successful show–thanks to all who attended or bought a piece!

But back to Florence. I’m struck at how small this city is; the ratio of historical gems of the Renaissance to square footage of city is mind-boggling. If you haven’t been to Florence, put it on your list! But first be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming (online!) art class: 10 Steps to Drawing Italy.

10 Steps to Drawing Italy takes my popular “10 Steps to Drawing Anything” class all the way to that beautiful, boot-shaped country that is known all over the world for high culture, to-die-for food, and the movement that changed art as the Western world knows it, the Renaissance.

Much more to come! But for now, join me as I stroll through Piazza Santa Croce, in front of the church where the likes of Michelangelo and Galileo were buried, reminiscing on what it’s like to revisit a place I once spent hours sketching as a lil’ study abroad student in college.

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