Big Thoughts in Little Paintings

Now that Christmas is over I can unveil to you the little paintings I made for friends and family this year. I so enjoyed the process of making fun, simple little paintings whose sole purpose was to put a smile on the faces of my favorite people.

Be the Good in the World

Enjoy the Little Things

Everything you can Imagine is Real

Here Comes the Sun

Hooray It's Today

Magic is Sonething you Make

Stars can't shine without darkness

We are All Connected

Why the Hell Not

Zen as Fuck

I highly recommend making your own teeny fun watercolors with your favorite quotes. Here, I used Reeves watercolor paper and a travel watercolor set, then used white acrylic paint and sharpie for the lettering. I tried a white paint pen, but the watercolor paper sucked the color right up.

Send me a picture if you try this yourself! Happy holidays and a very happy New Year to all!

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