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Art Boot Camp: Session 1. Class. 1.

Session 1. Drawing

Objective: This summer we focus on PRODUCTION. Quantity over Quality. Quality through Quantity. In drawing our goal is representative excellence. We will adopt a variety of drawing techniques and apply them to produce a variety of moods/tones/attitudes. Reflection on the artistic process and group feedback are key to this process.

In less scientific terms, for the arty types among us: Boot Camp will get ugly. You will suffer when you see the things on your page when you lift up your pencil. Your eye muscles will shudder at the pain of not being able to look at what you’re drawing during torturous blind contour drills. You will do this a. lot. And then you will be better at it.

Class 1. Introduction to line and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Exercise 1. Invisible Object Drawing

Exercise 2. Picasso’s Stravinsky Drawing

Exercise 3. Explore line

Exercise 4. Contour Drawing

**Class 1 will be held at the MOD Coffeehouse, 2126 Postoffice, Galveston Texas. 7-9pm, Saturday July 2 in the meeting room in back. Please bring $10 cash–materials are provided. Complimentary glass of wine to those 21+

In the beginning is the line!-Reinhold

Art Boot Camp $10

Due to popular demand, the drawing-workshop Art Boot Camp will be available to walk-ins at $10 a class for the entirety of the summer. Look out for $5 deals on classes next week! Our first class is coming up quick, this Saturday, July 2nd.

Who: Drawers, doodlers and dabblers interested in improving drawing ability, 18 years and up

What: 2 Hours of intensive drawing practice and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain intro. Materials will be provided, although bring your preferred drawing paper, pencils, and pen if you have a preferred set or brand you use.

When: 7-9pm Saturday, July 2nd 2011

WhereThe Mod Coffeehouse, back room

Why: To bring together local artists and encourage artistic excellence in Galveston!


Contact Jessica through the Art Boot Camp sign-up page or show up with 10 bucks on Saturday! Hope to see you there!

Inspired in Asheville

I have yet to walk into one of Asheville’s highly regarded museums, but the city itself is alive with art. Walk a block and you’re inundated with street art, displays at galleries by local artists, and street performers vying for your attention. Want to check out that hidden local brewery? Well you can’t get away with that without being drawn to the artist’s studios across the street. Here are some of my favs I had time to snap a picture of:

Graffiti in West Asheville


Creative combo at the Wedge

(The Wedge, by the way, is but one of the awesome local breweries in Asheville, AKA Beer City USA)

Wedge Tree Art


Welded Wall at Wedge

River Arts District Art 1

River Arts District II


Art pile at a chair caning shop

North Carolina Native's Ducklings


This is where a Brooke lives


Antonelli in Asheville

Before actually arriving in Asheville, North Carolina, I explained the city to enquirers as the Austin of the Carolinas…and now I know I am wrong.
Asheville is what I wish Austin were like, what I pray every day Galveston will someday magically transform into. Think Austin with a population of 70,000, with all the intimacy and walkability of Galveston’s downtown. I have literally been here less than 24 hours and the barista knows my order (Izzy’s on Lexington is where it’s at) …possibly because I gushed at my 50 cent refill that it was the best cup of coffee I have ever had.

I’m in love. Asheville is inspiring, rife with street art I can’t wait to show my students next semester and busting at the seams with art galleries, used book stores, antique shops, unreasonably attractive smiling people, and heavenly smells inviting you into delectable little eateries…

And best of all, there’s a Brooke here!

Full Brooke Update:

This lovely leo has situated herself in an incredulously awesome niche in Asheville, in a urban dreamland of an apartment located exactly on top of local beer shop Bruisin’ Ales.
She works in the coolest used bookshop I have ever walked into, The Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. Rest assured more posts centering on me artin’ it up in Asheville will be coming from this primo location.

Sign-Up Page & More

Check out the new Art Boot Camp Sign-Up page at the top of this screen for a sleeker and speedier way to find out more or RSVP for your spot in 2011’s art boot camp.

More goodies in the site include a new Gallery (still much to come here) and credentials on yours truly available for perusal on the About Me page.

How do I sign up?

Think you’re ready to commit to 6 grueling weeks of hand-cramps, a trashbin full of crumpled paper, and the angsty frown of an artist viewing a world whose natural beauty can never quite be captured on a page?

Studio Antonelli is not responsible for the condition known as Artist Angst Face, seen here on Renaissance master Michelangelo Buonarroti

The class roster is now offically open! Please comment below if you would like more information by leaving an email address, facebook alias, or whichever method of contact you prefer.

You may also call Jessica at 409-770-4211.
    The class will meet on location at various drawing hot-spots around Galveston island from July 2nd to August 6th.
For a limited time only, GISD employees are being offered a 2 for $200 discount! Thanks for doing your part Stampin’ out ignorance on the island.
At this time an RSVP is all that is needed, more details will be forthcoming closer to the date of the workshop.

Drawing Boot Camp Coming Soon!

July 2- August 6th.

It’s going to get ugly…But after 6 weeks of drills, your drawing won’t be–or your money back.

Drawing Boot Camp

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, if you are interested  in improving speed and skill in drawing, this 6 weeks could change your artistic life. Combining techniques of the masters with the latest on the science of seeing, an improvement in your drawing ability is guaranteed or your money back!

$250 per person includes:

  • 30 contact hours with a certified art instructor
  • Online resources and links to further your studies
  • Small class size = personalized instruction
  • Drawing Basics: line, shading, form and space
  • Speed drawing
  • Figure drawing (people and faces)
  • Perspective (landscapes and buildings)
  • 24 hour access to this site with quick responses to questions
  • Field trips to Galveston landmarks and hotspots
Sketchbooks and Materials NOT Included;
Supply list and best places to buy from will be posted here closer to date
Tentative Schedule:
Tuesday/Thursday 4:00-5:30pm
Saturdays 2 hour specials, time TBA
1 5 6 7