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Kid’s Art Day Camp Summer 2017

Click here to download our Studio A Art Camp Brochure (o info en espanol-> Espanol Art Camp Brochure)

BIG News: Camp extended until July 28th…

Camp Overview:

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For kids ages 5-12
 Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm
 Dates: June 12-July28
​Studio A’s day camp for kids is more than just art. Spanish classes, field trips, jewelry making, dance, community service, cool science projects, and more will fill our days, and tasty healthy meals ​will fill our tummies.

Fun will include but is not limited to:
-Create your own comic books
-Learn what secret ingredients you need to make your own slime
-Create a paper-mache volcano, then make it explode!
-Games, painting & sculpture building
-Visit the park, Plaza Civica, and the Botanical Gardens

Sign up now and reserve your child’s spot with a deposit. Each week is limited to 20 students max.

Price: $350/week per child (*ask about sibling & local discounts for SMA residents) 


Reserve your campers spot


Your trash is our treasure! If you have old magazines, empty toilet paper rolls or other fun things we would re-use for camp, please drop them off for us to use to create with the kiddos! The importance of recycling, our planet, and coming together as a community are a big part of our camp.
June 1st
swing by between 10:30-4:00pm at #18 San Francisco
phone 415-109-8670

About Us:

Camp director Jessica Antonelli ran the successful “Growing Place Summer Camp” in Galveston, TX, and is a certified K-12 art teacher. Our staff includes wonderful bilingual counselors from here in San Miguel.

Past Summer Camp:

Click here to view the brochure from our past day program, The Growing Place Summer Camp  in Galveston, Texas.

And a few pictures from our fun with the kids!

Portraits: Drawing a Likeness Workshop

There’s something about drawing the portrait that artists just can’t stay away from. There’s the mystery of getting to know the face as it appears on your page, and the feeling of striking gold when the face you created actually looks like your model.

What you’ll learn:

How do we take our basic understanding of the proportions of the face and adjust them according to the face in front of us?

How can we add depth, shadows, and realistic textures, without losing the accuracy of our drawings?

What techniques and strategies can we use? What did the old masters do to “cheat” realism?


How the heck do you draw hair?

Who is this class for? 

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced drawers and sketchers.

What materials will we work with? 

We will focus on drawing with graphite pencil and charcoals, and pen and ink.

Watercolors and/or colored pencils are also welcome.

How much does it cost?

$500 pesos or $25 USD.

RSVP by paying now with Paypal below, or contact to save your spot and pay in cash or check in person.

Portraits Drawing Workshop

The Painted Feast: Still Life Oil Painting Workshop

Still life painting gives us the opportunity to work with a completely unmoving subject and a continuous source of light. In the studio we are able to focus on form, value, texture and edges, and experiment as we work toward developing our own unique style.

In this workshop, we’ll be painting a lovely arrangement of a flowering onion, a sandwich cake, a colorful vegetable tray, and a stunning desert.

By the time we’re done painting we’ll definitely be drooling over the food, so we’ll move our feast from the classroom to the dining area in the courtyard, and talk art with our stellar view of San Fransisco Church in the background.

Do I need to bring my own materials?

Yes, although we provide canvas, panel, or palette paper as you prefer. If you do not have oil painting supplies, they can be provided for an additional $200pesos (10USD) per class.

What food will be served?

We will paint and eat: a “flowering onion,” roasted and served with a basalmic reduction sauce, served with crusty bread.

A sandwich cake, with avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon and creamy dill spread. This Swedish recipe is worth painting!

Dessert will be based on a poll of our students to see if we’ll paint a chocolate or lemon themed dessert. Let us know your preference when you RSVP!

Who is this class for?

Beginner to intermediate oil painters. Basic drawing ability recommended.

Complete beginners will be given instruction on which colors to include in your palette, useful mediums, and painting techniques. Color blending recipes will give you go-to color systems for your future still life painting practice.

We will have brief group critique at the middle and end of our session to help us assess our strengths and weaknesses, and decide what to further evolve in our painting practice.

How Much Does it cost?

$1000pesos per person.
This includes canvas, easel, instruction, food, and beverages. Wine, water, and tea.

Additional materials: use of paint, odor-free solvent, brush cleaner, brushes, palette, rags, etc. available for use for $200pesos per class.

Pay with Credit Card now to reserve your spot:

The Painted Feast 1 Day Workshop

James Richards “Sketching the Energy of Places” Workshop


We were so pleased to have renowned urban sketcher James Richards teach his workshop “Sketching the Energy of Places” at Studio Antonelli.

Check out his blog here and see his photos of the trip, and some great sketches! He also offers a wonderful online sketching course and teaches workshops all over the world. Highly recommended!


“Postcards from San Miguel” Art Opening * Make-your-own-Postcard Party

“Postcards from San Miguel” 3-7:00pm Wednesday, March 15th

We’ve had the pleasure of having artist Shannon Troxler teaching Plein-Aire and Life Drawing classes this past few weeks at Studio Antonelli.

 She’ll  be exhibiting thirty small paintings at the gallery, a collection of oils, sketches and watercolors that capture the everyday moods of San Miguel. The paintings are small and informal, small enough to tuck into your suitcase and take home, just like a postcard.

Join us for the opening, 3-7pm Wednesday the 16th, and have fun making your own postcards in watercolor.

We will provide watercolor-paper postcards and all other materials. Shannon will work on a small painting of the lovely view of San Fransisco Church. Come by and enjoy the fun!

More on Shannon:

Shannon lives in Jackson hole Wyoming where she has been a professional artist for over twenty five years. Troxler started visiting San Miguel eight years ago in search of brilliant light and saturated color. Shannon enjoys painting the intimate corners of San Miguel. Her paintings are full of bustling cafes and restaurants, arches and fountains, church facades and rooftop views. She paints from life, and can be found in out of the way corners of cafes or perched on doorsteps, sketchbook and paints in hand. Her style is impressionistic and she loves loose, painterly brushstrokes  that evoke the fleeting passage of time and capture a particular moment.

Check out her work at



Goddess Art Opening

Artist Jessica Antonelli tells the story of her inspiration to paint the goddesses of the Tantric Hindu tradition.

Thursday, February 16th, 4-8pm
#18 San Fransisco, Upstairs
Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Join artists Jessica Antonelli and Emily K. Grieves for a showing of “Sacred Woman Revealed,” paintings of the Feminine Divine in the Studio Antonelli Gallery.

Hart Studios will feature a collection of beautiful jewels fit for a goddess. Fiber arts and Fashion by Billielee Mommer.

Portrait & Figure Painting Workshop


6 weeks of the smell of oil paint in the studio, the live model falling asleep in their pose, and talking art with your fellow painters… heaven is spelled ‘Painting Workshop!’ and we’ll be focusing on the figure beginning in August, in San Miguel de Allende.

6 student limit

10am-2pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
at the Studio Space, Subida al Caracol #11
San Miguel de Allende, MX

This classic, academic style oil painting workshop will go in-depth into painting theory and techniques, including:

  • traditions of Italian Renaissance painters such as underpainting and glazing
  • short color study experiments to prepare for a final piece
  • anatomy studies
  • painting from the live model, costumed and nude
  • a study of the palettes of well known figure painters, such as the Zorn palette
  • recipes for mixing flesh tones

Whether you are a complete newbie to painting or a practiced painter, Jessica’s workshop brings energy and insight to your artwork. Each week you will complete 1 painting and several preparatory drawings and/or color study paintings. Moderate drawing ability required.

The workshop begins August 2 2016- September 8th, Tues/Thurs 10am-2pm.

MOST materials are included*, as well as model fees.  

6 Weeks: $650 USD or 12,000pesos

Pay by the Week: $125 USD or 2,300 pesos

*Materials included in the painting workshop are oil paint, brushes, wooden panel boards, practice canvas pads, towels, easels, and various accessories.
Your are advised to bring your own apron, any special sized canvas or stretched canvas for your own custom projects (optional), and a medium bottle of odor-free solvent.

Contact with any questions or to sign up. 

Or snag your spot now and pay with Paypal:

Length of session

A drawing a day…Video

January 1st, 2016, I began a personal challenge to do a Drawing a Day for 1 year.

Even if it was bubble-letter doodles or a 30 second speed drawing of my hand, I committed myself to switching that right-brained trigger once a day for the full 366 days of this leap year.

The results have been so swell that I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to begin your own drawing practice.

Even if you don’t jump right into a daily practice now, a quick low-pressure drawing can be relaxing and pave the way for major improvement down the road.

The photos in the video are form my instagram account, where you can follow me to keep track of how the daily drawing challenge is going. Follow me @jescantonelli

And if you really want some motivation, check out my online course 10 Steps to Drawing Anything. This whole crazy idea came from one of the 10 steps: #5 Every Day, Draw! If you happen to be in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, you can even take the class in person.

Now Go Draw!

I’d love to see your drawings! I’ll personally respond to each one, post your pic on the Studio Antonelli Facebook Page by clicking here.

10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse Announced

It’s been over a year in the making, but the 10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse is now open for enrollment!


I often get emails from my students in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, asking for more help figuring out perspective, facial proportions, or just for feedback on their work. Since I travel so much, I wanted to clone myself so that “art-teacher-Jessica” could be on call 24/7 to review the foundations with my students anytime. Thus the eCourse was born.

The 10 Steps
“Art is not a thing, it is a way”– Elbert Hubbard

Beginning drawers can get really disgruntled when they see how funky their drawing has turned out. It’s easy to get frustrated by that thing, the piece of paper with your crappy drawing on it, and forget the wise words of artist Elbert Hubbard.
The 10 Steps to Drawing Anything are designed to re-wire your brain and give you the mindset and habits of an artist. We cover the basics of art, the elements and principles of art and design, but more importantly we learn new ways of seeing and interpreting. Each step builds on what you learned in the last, and by week 10 you will be amazed at the process you see in your sketchbook.

On your own time

The 10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse runs for 10 weeks, but you can hop in and watch the video lessons and download the assignments and resources anytime. Can’t get started till 2 weeks in? No Problem. In fact, you will have lifetime access to inside of the program, which will continue to improve each time it’s offered.

With personal feedback from your instructor  

When I’ve taken online art classes in the past, I got annoyed at what a one-way affair it was. They posted a video, and then you’re on your own to figure it out. So for my online course, I decided it was essential to get as close to a studio classroom experience as possible. That means I’ll be coming to you through a live webinar once a week to answer questions demonstrate techniques people may find tricky, AND I’ll be personally replying to the homework you post to our private Facebook Group.

An around the world art adventure awaits

If you can’t be in Mexico to take my live-studio classes, give yourself a cheap art vacation and join us through the eCourse. Not only will there be fun life-in-Mexico videos (you won’t believe how we  buy our groceries around here), but you’ll be traveling to Italy as well! Each of the 10 Steps includes a “Postcard from Italy,”  a video bonus from my artistic foray through Florence and Rome full of art history lessons from the great masters of the Renaissance.

Be part of our founding class for only $75

This very first round of the 10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse comes with a very special price. For 10 weeks you end up paying just $7.50 a week to change the way you draw forever. The price will be going up big time after this first “beta” launch, so snag your membership now so that you can go through the 10 Steps each year and never pay again. Your feedback will help make this eCourse evolve, so take this offer as my big thank you for jumping in the group and helping it grow.


The eCourse beginsJuly 4th! 
Sign up now to enjoy the full 10 weeks of support from your teacher


2016 Summer Classes at The Studio Space

I’m so happy to unveil the location for our summer art courses:

The Studio Space at Casa de la Paz. 

You may know the Studio Space from it’s inspiring art openings and theatrical performances, but we’ll be harnessing all that creative energy to hone our drawing and painting skills.


Entrance to Subida al Caracol #11
Entrance to Subida al Caracol #11, street view

From July 4th-September 9th, take your art practice to the next level.

 10 Steps to Drawing Anything

If you struggle drawing stick figures, this class is for you. The 10 Steps have been specially formulated to fast-forward your drawing ability, using the latest in neuroscience and stern looks from the teacher. 😉 Learn the drawing tricks the pros use to make it look easy. Take the full 10 weeks and you will never look at the world in the same way again-you’ll be seeing through an artist’s eyes. You can also choose to take 4 weeks or shorter sessions by arrangement with the instructor. Some materials included.
10am-12noon Mon, Wed, Fri. 

Drawing and Painting classes  Oil Painting Workshop 

Learn the traditional techniques of the Italian Renaissance painters, and experiment with new styles and media. Both beginners and intermediate level painters will benefit from this workshop style class. Develop your skills in a supportive group setting where we’ll be improving our own abilities by learning to critique and discuss painting and composition through class discussions.  Learn which brush is best for a variety of techniques, recipes to mix just the right color, critiquing your work, and much more.  Confident drawing ability is required. Some materials included.
 10am-2pm Tues & Thurs

Sign up by clicking here or email