Art Coaching

Feeling stuck with your creative process?

Whether you’re totally new to drawing or painting, or you’ve tried your hand at the arts and need guidance, Jessica is here to provide the scaffolding for your artistic journey.

Art coaching will develop both the technical ability and creative habits needed to develop artistic talent. 

Experiment and Play

Learn Elements & Essentials

Discover your Style

One Month - Pump Up

Great for mastering one new skillset, such as portraiture or perspective drawing, or overcoming one specific creative challenge, such as being "stuck." Perfect for complete beginners or those who haven't taken an art class before (or not in a looong time).
BONUS: Access to "From Stick Figures to Savvy Sketches" eCourse.

3 Months - Take the leap

Perfect for those upgrading from nervous beginners to confident intermediate artists. Develop a personal plan to master an array of skills using the medium of your choice, and commit to a weekly schedule to develop mastery. You'll learn your strengths and develop your weaknesses.
$250 per month
BONUS: access to "BAD Artist Bootcamp" eCourse.

6 Months - Life-Changing

See MAJOR improvements in your ability to draw any subject, and develop the artistic grit to see big projects through to completion. Explore a variety of styles and begin to develop your unique methodology.
$225 per month
BONUS: bonus of my full library of online courses: BAD Artist Bootcamp, Draw San Miguel, and more.

1 Year - Artistic Metamorphosis

Are you ready to dedicate 2020 and the new decade to being your best self? In this program, you can go from a beginner to having your artwork exhibited in a gallery. Guaranteed! In this highly customized personal path, you'll have my 100% attention to evolve into the artist waiting within you.
$200 per month
BONUS: my full library of online courses: BAD Artist Bootcamp, Draw San Miguel, and more.

How It Works

  •  Begin with a wayfinding call, where we’ll create a customized creativity plan that meets you where you’re starting at, and gets you where you want to go
  • Live video-call instruction where you work with Jessica face-to-face, show off your artwork and draw or paint together
  • Email guidance is paired with the live lessons to keep you on track and supplement your learning and development
  • Develop your unique style of creative expression, and gain confidence in expressing yourself in visual form
  • Weekly themed group drawing lessons each Tuesday (optional)
  • Overcome creative resistance, the #1 enemy of all artists
  • Choose from 1-month, 3-months, 6-month or 1-year packages
  • If desired, structure a path toward having your work exhibited or shared
  • Coaching for students preparing to apply for art school is available
  • Art-biz coaching to market your artwork online- on request 

But there's More!

eCourse Bundles

Have you ever signed up for an online course, but never made it to the end?

Studies have shown a whopping 97% of eCourses are left unfinished!

That’s just not cool. 

Sign up for one of my eCourse Bundles and you’ll get one-on-one support from me before, during, and after the eCourse of your choice to guarantee your success. 

BAD Artist Bootcamp

$ 129
  • Lifetime access to BAD Artist Bootcamp
  • Three 1-on-1 classes with Jessica
  • Weekly email support, lessons, and group classes

Draw San Miguel

$ 159
  • Lifetime access to
  • Three 1-on-1 classes with Jessica
  • Weekly email support, lessons, and group classes

Private Class 3 Pack

$ 99
  • Customized lessons just for you
  • Weekly emails and Group Coaching Support
  • Three private classes

Contact Jessica at for gift options or more info