Art Boot Camp: Session 1. Class 2.

Session 1. Drawing

Class 2. Drawing from Nature: The Galveston Garden

Objective: We will be making the most of this special 1 hour drawing session with a high-fire set of drills emphasizing organic lines in life drawing. We have been invited into a Galveston garden off the beaten path of the annual Backyard tour, and more advanced students may be interested in rendering the japanese-style pagoda as well as the impressive variety of local blooms.

Exercise 1. Texture in Flora

Exercise 2. Contour Drawing

Exercise 3. Finished Drawing i: Garden Study

**Class 1 will be held at 1914 Neumann Dr, Galveston Texas6-7pm, Tuesday July 3 in the back garden. Please bring $5 cash–materials are provided. Call 409-770-4211 for directions or more information.

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