Art Boot Camp: Session 1. Class. 1.

Session 1. Drawing

Objective: This summer we focus on PRODUCTION. Quantity over Quality. Quality through Quantity. In drawing our goal is representative excellence. We will adopt a variety of drawing techniques and apply them to produce a variety of moods/tones/attitudes. Reflection on the artistic process and group feedback are key to this process.

In less scientific terms, for the arty types among us: Boot Camp will get ugly. You will suffer when you see the things on your page when you lift up your pencil. Your eye muscles will shudder at the pain of not being able to look at what you’re drawing during torturous blind contour drills. You will do this a. lot. And then you will be better at it.

Class 1. Introduction to line and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Exercise 1. Invisible Object Drawing

Exercise 2. Picasso’s Stravinsky Drawing

Exercise 3. Explore line

Exercise 4. Contour Drawing

**Class 1 will be held at the MOD Coffeehouse, 2126 Postoffice, Galveston Texas. 7-9pm, Saturday July 2 in the meeting room in back. Please bring $10 cash–materials are provided. Complimentary glass of wine to those 21+

In the beginning is the line!-Reinhold

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