Antonelli in Asheville

Before actually arriving in Asheville, North Carolina, I explained the city to enquirers as the Austin of the Carolinas…and now I know I am wrong.
Asheville is what I wish Austin were like, what I pray every day Galveston will someday magically transform into. Think Austin with a population of 70,000, with all the intimacy and walkability of Galveston’s downtown. I have literally been here less than 24 hours and the barista knows my order (Izzy’s on Lexington is where it’s at) …possibly because I gushed at my 50 cent refill that it was the best cup of coffee I have ever had.

I’m in love. Asheville is inspiring, rife with street art I can’t wait to show my students next semester and busting at the seams with art galleries, used book stores, antique shops, unreasonably attractive smiling people, and heavenly smells inviting you into delectable little eateries…

And best of all, there’s a Brooke here!

Full Brooke Update:

This lovely leo has situated herself in an incredulously awesome niche in Asheville, in a urban dreamland of an apartment located exactly on top of local beer shop Bruisin’ Ales.
She works in the coolest used bookshop I have ever walked into, The Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. Rest assured more posts centering on me artin’ it up in Asheville will be coming from this primo location.

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