Jessica Antonelli is an award-winning art teacher on a quest to live life as if it were a work of art, and share the creative journey along the way. 

Originally from Galveston, an island off the Texas coast, Jessica graduated with a major in Art and a Masters in Education from Austin College. She learned the timeless drawing and painting techniques that make up her core curriculum while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. 

Jessica taught art for 5 years in Texas public schools before quitting her job and selling everything to move to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a cultural icon of a city she’d fallen in love with.

Now, she teaches adult students art techniques and guides them through the journey of creativity, both online and in Mexico.

The experience of teaching students from as young as 3 years old to 83 years old has given her a unique perspective in how humans develop creativity throughout a lifetime. 

Having taught over 1,000 students of all ages how to draw, paint and create, Jessica is able to identify the sequences of most-common-mistakes (so that you can avoid them!) and pitfalls in both technique and mindset to avoid. 

Her classes cater to each individual art student’s unique learning and artistic style, and encourage the varying abilities and interests of her students.

Most importantly, classes with Jessica emphasize the joy of the creative process in order to help students achieve flow states in their drawing practice. Her classes are not about walking in and creating a masterpiece on day 1, but on falling in love with the journey of art-making, so that students gain a life-long love of progressing on their artistic path.