A Tiny Bit of Inspiration


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Tumblewood Tiny House Workshop in Houston, Texas. Not only was it an inspirational springboard that has got me ready to take the next big step and start working toward building my very own tiny house, but I was also able to connect with some incredible people who are on their way to building their own tiny houses in the Houston area.

Tumbleweed is a leader in the tiny house movement, and I came away from the workshop with vastly more confidence about building a home, even though I have next to no prior experience in construction. The leaders of the workshop had all built the tiny homes they were currently living in, including the artisinal and nomadic tiny home that stars in the Tiny House Giant Journey blog, which was built by our facilitator Guillaume and his wife.

I was so very pleased to meet several permaculturists at the workshop, which isn’t surprising considering the overlap in the ideas and vision of the tiny people and the perma-peeps.

You might be asking, “What IS permaculture, anyway? For the uninitiated, this video was my graduation project for my own Permaculture Design Certificate, which I got through Urban Harvest‘s program in Houston. Check out the first few minutes of my video for a brief rundown of PC, and enjoy.

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