A Modern Take on a Timeless Drawing Method

A Modern Take on a Timeless Drawing Method

If you want to learn to draw, you may have heard of Nicolaides classic drawing manual, “The Natural Way to Draw.”

The Natural Way to Draw

Nicolaides lays out a set of weekly schedules for the art student to approach 5 days a week, just as if they were in his year-length full time art class in the Art League.

These essential drawing exercises challenge your ability to focus and separate your ego from your artwork, but they improve your drawing ability like nothing else.

Adapted for Today

Unless you’re in art school, there’s a good chance you don’t have 15 hours a week to dedicate to your drawing practice.

Instead, join me for 9 Weeks with The Natural Way to Draw, an artsy book-club if you will, that adapts the 15 hour weekly schedules of Nicolaides into five 30 minute drawing sessions per week.

This free challenge will NOT give you the results of fully diving into Nicolaides year-long book, but here’s what it WILL give you:

  • A weekly schedule of timed drawing exercises for 9 weeks
  • A weekly live call discussion of the ideas and exercises in The Natural Way to Draw, with 30 minutes of drawing with your instructor
  • A membership group where you can post your work and get direct feedback and encouragement from your instructor and fellow artists
  • Daily Drawing inspiration from your instructor Jessica and fellow artists-in-training

Join me

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