10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse Announced

It’s been over a year in the making, but the 10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse is now open for enrollment!


I often get emails from my students in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, asking for more help figuring out perspective, facial proportions, or just for feedback on their work. Since I travel so much, I wanted to clone myself so that “art-teacher-Jessica” could be on call 24/7 to review the foundations with my students anytime. Thus the eCourse was born.

The 10 Steps
“Art is not a thing, it is a way”– Elbert Hubbard

Beginning drawers can get really disgruntled when they see how funky their drawing has turned out. It’s easy to get frustrated by that thing, the piece of paper with your crappy drawing on it, and forget the wise words of artist Elbert Hubbard.
The 10 Steps to Drawing Anything are designed to re-wire your brain and give you the mindset and habits of an artist. We cover the basics of art, the elements and principles of art and design, but more importantly we learn new ways of seeing and interpreting. Each step builds on what you learned in the last, and by week 10 you will be amazed at the process you see in your sketchbook.

On your own time

The 10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse runs for 10 weeks, but you can hop in and watch the video lessons and download the assignments and resources anytime. Can’t get started till 2 weeks in? No Problem. In fact, you will have lifetime access to inside of the program, which will continue to improve each time it’s offered.

With personal feedback from your instructor  

When I’ve taken online art classes in the past, I got annoyed at what a one-way affair it was. They posted a video, and then you’re on your own to figure it out. So for my online course, I decided it was essential to get as close to a studio classroom experience as possible. That means I’ll be coming to you through a live webinar once a week to answer questions demonstrate techniques people may find tricky, AND I’ll be personally replying to the homework you post to our private Facebook Group.

An around the world art adventure awaits

If you can’t be in Mexico to take my live-studio classes, give yourself a cheap art vacation and join us through the eCourse. Not only will there be fun life-in-Mexico videos (you won’t believe how we  buy our groceries around here), but you’ll be traveling to Italy as well! Each of the 10 Steps includes a “Postcard from Italy,”  a video bonus from my artistic foray through Florence and Rome full of art history lessons from the great masters of the Renaissance.

Be part of our founding class for only $75

This very first round of the 10 Steps to Drawing Anything eCourse comes with a very special price. For 10 weeks you end up paying just $7.50 a week to change the way you draw forever. The price will be going up big time after this first “beta” launch, so snag your membership now so that you can go through the 10 Steps each year and never pay again. Your feedback will help make this eCourse evolve, so take this offer as my big thank you for jumping in the group and helping it grow.


The eCourse beginsJuly 4th! 
Sign up now to enjoy the full 10 weeks of support from your teacher


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