Jessica Antonelli


February Workshops

in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Intro to Drawing

Mon -Thurs, Feb. 5-8
This crash course in drawing will help you draw what you see with ease and accuracy. No talent required. 

Urban Sketching 101

Tues -Thurs, Feb. 13-15
Learn the essentials of drawing on location and the Urban Sketching movement, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

10 Steps to Drawing

Mon - Fri, Feb. 19 - 23
This classic drawing approach is perfect for beginners and those who want a deep-dive refresher.

About Jessica

Jessica Antonelli is a dynamic force at the intersection of art, activism, and community engagement.  When she’s not painting or teaching art in Galveston or San Miguel de Allende, she serves as the Director of Operations for La Izquierda Surf & Music Fest.

Jessica explores the Solarpunk movement in her artwork and lifestyle with an optimistic outlook toward a beautiful, equitable, and regenerative future. 


All things art

Paintings and Prints

Original paintings, prints, and postcards available. View now at Sunset Refillery in downtown Galveston, 406 Tremont St.

Classes in Galveston

Learn to draw in this historic Texas island. Coming soon.

Workshops in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Each February, choose from beginner-friendly classes in drawing & urban sketching in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Biggest challenge before working with Jessica: Overcoming my fear that I’m not creative. After: Jessica made me feel successful from the very first exercise. She made me enjoy drawing. She is a wonderful teacher able to break down the skills needed into manageable easy pieces.
Sheila McFarland​
For me, Drawing, or learning to draw, has always been difficult, mostly due to the negative emotional criticism in my own head. My class with Jessica has been so nurturing and supportive and has provided me a safe environment to make mistakes and actually improve my drawing. I can say I’ve gotten past the negative stuff and am enjoying the process of learning to draw—I think I’m hooked. Jessica’s class has been fun and her instruction is effective and I plan to attend her classes in the future!

Barbara Nichols​
Before, when I did art work I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know how to fix it. Jessica has taught me many ways of seeing and interpretation what I am looking at so that my rendering is authentic. AND to not give up but try again—perhaps with a different medium. Jessica is great teacher full of love of art and the joy of teaching. What fun it has been! My greatest joy has been the awareness that creating art is a way of life full of success balanced with a few “oops” that are really signaling a new level of growth.
Rajala Kuehmichel​

Artful Insights

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